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North State Masonry has over 30 years of experience. We take our masonry craftsmanship seriously and have the reputation to match. We welcome all types of masonry projects and are happy to provide a custom quote to transform your dream into a reality. Masonry is an art form and we enjoy creating beautiful masterpieces.

Masonry Services

Masonry pavers and pathways

Pavers & Pathways

When it comes to designing a unique outdoor space, the possibilities are endless with pavers and pathways.

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Masonry entryways and veneers

Entryways & Veneers

Create a welcoming entrance with curb appeal that gives a positive first impression to your guests.

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Masonry hearths and fireplaces

Hearths & Fireplaces

The fireplace is the centerpiece of your home, so it should bring beauty and warmth to your loved ones.

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Masonry pools and waterfalls

Pools & Waterfalls

Transform your backyard into an oasis with custom pool and waterfall designs.

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Masonry walls and fences

Walls & Fences

Take your backyard to the next level with beautiful retaining walls and fences.

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Masonry signs and enclosures

Signs & Enclosures

Your business deserves to stand out with classic, timeless masonry signs.

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Masonry repairs and restoration

Repairs & Restoration

If you have masonry work that needs to be repaired or restored, we can help.

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About North State Masonry


North State Masonry is locally owned and operated by Howard and Carrie Martin. Howard was born and raised in Sonoma County. He relocated to Shasta County in 1996 and has been in masonry since 1984.

The company was licensed in August of 1998 and has been locally owned and operated since then. We strive to use locally owned suppliers to help Shasta County citizens make a living.


Masonry Contractor Creative Designs

creative designs

Our Masonry Contractors are known throughout the Shasta County for not only executing a homeowner's designs, but brainstorming ways to improve the ideas, implementing wisdom from decades of taking dreams and making them realities. Our experienced masonry team is passionate about building special feeling places throughout your property, and often humbly offer insights and ideas throughout the process.


Masonry is a timeless art. Think of the cathedrals in Europe, built by expert masons to stand the test of time for thousands of years. The wisdom and knowledge of the trade have been passed down and perfected to today's master craftsmen. At North State Masonry, we pride ourselves in providing quality craftsmanship so our masonry work can be enjoyed for many generations to come. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Masonry Contractor Quality Craftsmanship
Masonry Contractor Reliable Team


Quality masonry can take a while. It’s important that your family feels safe while the work is being done. We encourage you to check the references of any tradesman you consider bringing into your home. North State Masonry only employs quality craftsmen and women that have gone through extensive training. Our masonry team provides exceptional work and always arrives on time. That is why we are the best in the business.

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